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Oil Elixir

Oil Elixir

Nail Care

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Strengthen, replenish and moisturize your nails and cuticles.
Our daily nail & cuticle oil is a mix of different natural oils and enhanced with Vitamin E, to give your nails and cuticles the all around treatment they are craving for.
super long lasting glossy finish opaque

Why am I special?

  • Daily treat: it’s important to feel beautiful but also to stay healthy. Take care of your nails with our enriched Oil Elixir
  • The deal: our Oil Elixir can really do magic for your nails and skin. It will treat your hands and elevate your mani game
  • Dermatologically tested: our products are gentle, but don’t just listen to us

Good to know:

  • The more the merrier: our Oil Elixir is full of various oils and vitamins, each with unique benefits
  • Mastic Gum Oil: increases the thickness and strength of nail plate by stimulating the synthesis of keratin
  • Avocado Oil: rich in vitamins and fatty acids for hydration, protection and anti-drying effect
  • Argan Oil: anti-aging and softening effect through antioxidants and vitamins
  • Macadamia Oil: rich in omega 6 for protection and strengthening
  • Vitamin E: hydrating and antioxidant agent
  • Jojoba and Almond Oil: softening and moisturizing for smooth and supple nails


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