3x Soak-Off Bundle
3x Soak-Off Bundle
3x Soak-Off Bundle

3x Soak-Off Bundle

LED Accessory Set

  • The famous Soak-Off Wraps in a convinient pack of 3 - Save 17% compared to the full price!
  • For a quick removal of LED manicure
  • Easy to use if just follow our instructions
  • 3x Soak-Off Wraps contain: 150 pieces
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Everything you need to remove your LED manicure

How to use the Soak-Off Wraps:

1. File off the top layer of your LED manicure

2. Remove the sticker above the pads

3. Place your nail in the packaging under the pad

4. Wrap it and let it do its magic for 5 min

5. Peel off the LED polish gently

6. If the nail polish still does not come off easily, repeat steps 4 and 5

How to use


Why I am special?

  • All in one: acetone, cotton and wrapping paper. Everything you need to get rid of your old manicure in just one tiny package
  • Fast and furious: With our Soak-Off Wraps, you can easily remove your LED manicure in less than 5 minutes
  • Dermatologically tested: Our products contain only good ingredients

Good to know:

  • Here to stay: Our wraps, have self-adhesive strips and stay on your finger without the need for extra clips!


Tips from the happyglam team

100% Vegan
100% Vegan
No toxic nonsense
No toxic nonsense
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