Lip Glory - All 3 Colors
Lip Glory - All 3 Colors

Lip Glory - All 3 Colors

caring lipgloss

  • accentuates your natural lip color
  • for fuller and glowy lips
  • with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • Lip Glory contains 5.4ml lip gloss
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Lip Glory gives your lips an enchanting shine and makes your lips look more voluminous by reflecting light. Lip Glory is available in 3 shades that accentuate your natural lip color and suit every skin type. In addition, jojoba oil, vitamin E and aloe vera provide a healing, moisturizing and soothing effect.

  • Voluminzing: glossy shine that reflect the light and make your lips appear fuller.
  • Glowy: soft nuancing shades that enhance the natural color of your lip and compliments every skin tone.
  • Caring: softening your lips with powerful ingredients.

    Aloe-Vera: fights irritation and protects your lips through antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Vitamin E: promotes cell turnover and regeneration for chapped and dry lips.

    Jojoba Oil: forms a barrier that effectively locks moisture in, protects the lips from harsh weather conditions, and keeps them soft.


  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: All our products are and will always be 100% vegan and you can always count on us to protect our furry friends: none of our products were tested on animals.
  • You can’t sit with us: get away from toxic relationships and cosmetics. All of our products are made with ingredients that safe and tested to be use without causing harm or irritation.
  • Dermatologically tested: Tested and approved by dermatologists, so you don't have anything to worry about.
  • Made in Europe: All our formulations are made in certified laboratories that meet and exceed the highest quality standards possible

100% Vegan
100% Vegan
No toxic nonsense
No toxic nonsense
Made in Europe
Made in Europe
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